Peyton is……

4 yrs old today! I cant believe it. I think this has been the fastest four years and 4 months of my life. I add the 4 months cuz I cant believe how much the girls have grown either. I told Peyton he turned 4 this morning, and it broke his little heart. It was so funny. He started crying and saying over and over ” I dont want to be 4 years old! I want to stay 3 years old!” After about an hour I finally got out of the reason why is because he wouldnt be my little boy anymore if he gets old. I told him he will always be my little boy and that getting older isnt necessarily a bad thing. After thinking awhile about how I told him he was now getting big enough for rides at Six Flags and Disney world, he came to me and said ” Im ok with being 4 now”. Well, Im glad he excepted it…lol…I was wondering how I was supposed to turn back time =)

Well, it is official. We are moving!! Yay!! To Maine like we had planned…no =( ! Jon got a new job in the Greenville area and he has been trying to drive back and forth but its getting too hard and expensive. SO, we have found us a house up there and we leave the end of this month. I am going to miss all our friends down here, but thouroughly look foward to expanding our friendships when we start in a new congregation at the Kingdom Hall. Good, true, Christian friends come by the dozen here =) Hopefully the new Kingdom Hall will have more children Peytons age since it will be in a more populated area. He is going to miss it here too though. His best friend is Tristan and he looks foward to every Thursday night and Sunday morning to see him. Hes going to miss his play dates with him too, but Im sure we will get them together often, as we try to plan as well with our friends.

Well, thats about it for now. Im also sitting here thinking how I really need to get my camera back from my sister…lol. I have a friend who needs her new baby’s pictures taken and Im ready to get our family pics done. Maybe I can entice her down here soon…lol.

Well, Im gonna run. Gotta take Shasta ( my 12 yr old Jack Russell) to the vet this afternon. She has been sick for the past 2 days and its getting worse. i hope its not her time, Im not ready for that yet; dont know how well I will handle it. Will update back about her as soon as I know something.


4 months old =)

My baby girls are 4 months old today! I cant believe it! They have acomplished soo much. They babble and talk and laugh, its so sweet to hear. In the morning the first thing they do is shine their beautiful bright little toothless grins at you and I tell you what , that really brightens up your dayget it set off right. Brynna can roll to her left side and now her right. Im waiting any day now dor her to roll completely over. She just accomplished reaching and grabbing for something I hold in front of her. And she grabs and holds her toes. Addison worked all day yesterday on getting her toes into her mouth, and just before the end of the day she finally made it!! Her little big toe went right into her little mouth and she was in bliss. Now, all day long today, she has been obsessed with sticking her toes in her mouth. She will also roll to her right side and grab objects held abover her.

The “bad” parts…lol…they are going through stranger anxiety. It is so hard to take them places sometimes. Especially to places where we know people are going to be wanting to talk to them. On little look too long and that little chin starts quivering and the screaming is on. I will be SSSOOOO glad when this time period is over! I really dont remember Peyton going through this. They are also becomming a little needy, its getting hard to be able to leave them on their blanky to play and go and fold a load of laundry or fix you something to eat. If your gone too long they get fussy and want you right their. They are beginning to truly notice eachother now, so hopefully soon they will be able to keep eachother company for a little while longer that 5

They attended their first Memorial tonight, as we gave thanks to Jehova for the ransom of his son Jesus Christ who died to pay for our sins. I am so thankful for that, and because of him we are able to pray to God and be heared. We owe our lives to Jesus as he gave us his. I cant wait for the girls to begin learning the truth, its such an amazing thing!!!

Well, good night all! Till next time =)


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Hello everyone, I just thought I would drop in for just a moment. I thought the girls were waking up while I was updating my weightloss page, but they have seemed to go back to sleep, for a bit anyway, so I thought I would jump over here really quick. Its been a rough few months. Jonathan had been layed off…again… the economy is getting crazy horrible. But, after a month of job searching, and having to go out of the county, he has landed a great job. And its permanant at that, no more temporary!! So we get the benefits we need and hehas awesome pay. Unfortunately, I believe we are going  to have to relocate closer to his job, which is an hour away, because the cost of gas for him to drive that 5 days a week is ofsetting the raise in pay. As much as I hate Greenwood, I really dont want to leave because of our friends and family we have made at the Kingdom Hall. We are all so close, and I know that new relationships will be made somewhere else, but I am fearful that we wont get to see eachother as much down here. But, we pray about it and I am faithful we will get the guidance we need as long as we aim for the best decisions.

The girls will be 4 months on the 17th!! I cant believe it!!! Poor Addison has began colicking this week. Hopefully it wont last long. We went through that for several months with Peyton when he was about this age. It can be stressfull. I am no unsure about wether I am going to put in my nursing application this fall or not. Jonathan is also going to be going to school days and the thought of the childcare situation and neither of us really being home with the children is causing us some unnesessary stress. So, I might just take a break from school for a little while and let Jon finish. Then when he is done, we will reevaluate our situation and the girls age( since I really dont want them in a daycare facility right now) and we will go from there. I will probably get a part time job during the day so I can start making payments on my student loans, but thats about all I will work for now.

Oh! My sister has begun her Bible study now! I was so excited! And still am. Learning the Bible truth is a life saving oportunity and I hope that she learns alot. Its obviously in her heart for her to start her own study. Courtney, if you are reading this, I am very proud of you, no matter what. Like I have told you before, besides my husband and my children you hold your own little piece of my heart and I love you dearly!!

Till next time……

I got my computer back, heres pics of the Girls!

Good morning all. I have been out of commision as far as my computer is concerned. I had to send it off to be repaired, the motherboard burned up in it. So, I havent been able to fully update about the girls. As you all know, I was scheduled for my c-section on the 21st of December. Well, that previus Friday, the 17th, I woke up with terrible lower pelvic pain. My doctor sent me to the hospitol for fetal monitoring ( a usual routine by this point) and with in about 2 hours I went into labor. The contractions came quick and were quite painful. Those of you who know me know I didnt even go into labor with my son. We were scheduled for a c-section with him as well and it came before the labor did. So, with this all  being new to me, I was quite scared. Luckily since it was a Friday, my doctor was at the hospital as well doing his scheduled surgeries and we went ahead with my c-section. A little after 3 in the afternoon, we welcomed Addison and Brynna into our world. Addison was 8.6 pounds and Brynna was 8.2 pounds. They are 2 very beautiful healthy little ladies. They are 10 weeks old today! Time has gone by soo fast! They are all grins and smiles, and Im telling you what, it lights up your world and starts your day off just right to see those beautiful little smiles first thing in the morning. Brynna looks so much like Peyton did when he was a baby that sometimes its like a feeling of deja’vu when she looks at you and smiles. It brings back all the memories from when he was a baby.

Its been hectic, especially the first month and a half. Our second night in the hospital, the girls were just in terrible pain. It ofcourse was gas and stomach pain. My breast milk still hadnt come in and we were having to supplement with formula. They were fine the first night and most of the second day, but that night they were in terrible pain. As soon as the pediatrician came the next morning we told him about it and they were put on soy formula. There was a dramatic change, and we actually got some sleep the next night. They were good on the soy until about their 4th week. They started having sundowners colic and whenever they ate during this time ( 5PM -8PM),  it intensified their discomfort. After trial and error on a few more formulas, we ended up with Similac Alementum mixed with rice cereal. They were having a food allergy and they also had GERD, so they needed the cereal to help keep the formula down. All this time I am still trying to nurse as well, but my milk still hadn’t come in completely. I was only extracting as much as 2 ounces each time. The change after finding this formula was more dramatic than the one at the hospital withthe other formula.The sundowners colic was over!  My girls were so happy and I actually got to enjoy them. My evenings of crying along with 2 screaming babies were finally over!!! Even after being put on meds to stimulate my breast milk, I ended up drying up completely. I was so devastated! One of the things I was determined to do, even with all the criticism coming at me, was nursing my baby girls. I know it doesnt make me less of a mother because I am not able to, even though thas what it felt like at first, but I also feel like it gave all those arrogant beings out there a power boost with the ” I told you so” attitude. But, I know I tried and I gave it 110%!!! I have finally come to terms with it and I know that Jehova has blessed me so greatly with my 3 children. I am completely thankful to him and forever in his debt, then again shouldnt we all be? We owe him our lives as well.

That has really been our greatest hurddle with the twins. The rest has been typical new baby scenarios, just times It takes about 2 hours to get ready to go out for the day, which is so funny sometimes. We feed the girls, get our selves ready, Peyton ready, pack the diaperbag and grab a quick bite for ourselves if we can, then its time to feed them again after which we put them strait in their carseats and try to leave. Its fun, and its getting easier. Everyday is a new adventure with them.

Well, I better run, they are beginning to wake up and I still want to download a picture or 2 for yall. Have a beautiful day!! To give you an idea of who is who, Brynnas birthmark on her forehead looks like a heart and Addisons in more like a strait line.

Yes, they are here!

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It has been a very hectic couple of months! As you all know I was scheduled for my c-section on December 21st, but on the 17th I woke up extremely sore in my lower abdomen. I called the doc and was told to go n the hospital for monitoring. About an hour into it I began having full blown contractions. Since the doctor was already there for the day doing other deliveries he went ahead and did our c-section. We welcomed Addison Faith Jean and Brynna Avery Dawn that day. It has been tough and quite an adventure but we are truly blessed and doing well. The girls are 8 weeks old today and have changed so much so quickly. They are all smiles and coos now and I’m waiting for the first little giggle to come any day! I love being a mommy to my Peyton and baby girls!

Baby Update

     Well, everything has been about the same I suppose. I went to the hospital yesterday for contractions that I had been having for about an hour or so, but thank goodness they ended up being false contractions. They monitored me and the babies for about 3 hours I think. It’s so funny. This is the second time I have been monitored, and sometimes I cant get these girls to wiggle around and move for nothing, but  I will tell you one thing. They know when we are trying to listen to them with the monitors. They move and wiggle around so much trying to ‘run’ from Baby B started first, then got her sister moving, which basically is just B pushing A around. Lets just say that when I went in they were vertical in a yin and yang position. When we left, they were still yin and yang ( ones head to the others feet), but they are now transverse ( horizontal ). All so we couldn’t listen to them. Ofcourse they hae been cool and calm since we left. I can tell now who  the dominant twin is gonna be and that is definitely B. A is just layed back and goes with the flow. Its  going to be very interesting when they finally get here. C-section date is set for December 21st. If I go into labor before then we will go ahead and have them, but we are trying to get as close as possible to that date. Full names are finally picked out. Sorry…I cant reveal them just yet because we are wanting to keep them a surprise for the day they are born. I will say two things though. One has a family name and the other has a friend’s name. Cant say It wont be long now, so don’t worry =).

     Dont have many plans for the remainder of the night. Peyton is in the bathtub getting all smelly good and clean. Hopefully I can get him to eat some dinner instead of snacking the rest of the way through the night. Then at 9 its Greys Anatomy and Private Practice. They are my two favorite shows!!! I havent missed and episode yet. the weather is finally cooling off, but it will only be for a few days. then it jumps back up into the 70s next week. I am so tired of this crazy weather. I am ready for it to be  C-O-L-D!! Thats one thing I hate about living in the south, the weather is never consistent except in the summer when we have literally 2-3 months of a 101+ heat index. But spring, fall, and winter do not exist here. So, needless to say I can not wait till we move to Maine!!!! The weather up there is perfect all the time. Yes, even in the winter when you have feet and feet of snow on the ground! My sister can live without the snow, but her and her boyfriend have mentioned a few times about possibly moving up too. I really hope it becomes a serious prospect, because me and her have the cutest and best idea for a family restaurant/bakery. ( Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge Kourtney =) ) 

     Well, I better run. the dog is outside barking at everything she hears and sees, which completely annoys me so I can only imagine how the neighbors must feel sometimes. Hope everyone has a wonderful night and I will update soon. Smiles =)  

I havent disappeared….yet…lol

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Just dropping in to to a quick update. We have a date set finally for my c-section. I cant wait til they get here. This pregnancy is getting rough. I hurt in my joints and bones all the time from where my cartilage is softening. I can no longer sleep with my hubby in the bed…boohoo..=( So I am sleeping on the couch now bc it conforms to me better and is a little more comfortanble. I feel like I am carrying a giant beachball under my I am thankful though that I have managed to avoid bed rest or house rest. I have been told I am lucky in that aspect. I know I would go absolutely nuts if I did have too. I am not the type of person that can just lay in one place all day and not get up and do for myself. I still clean a little and do laundry and take short shopping trips. I am going to get my hair done this weekend and cant wait! I havent had anything done to it since February and its driving me crazy. I want it done before these babies get here bc I have no idea when I will be able to do it after they get here.

Im trying to figure out what classes I am going to take next semester. Ofcourse they are going to be online, and Im only taking 2 again. I wanted to take the second part to my photography course but I am pretty sure I wont have the time for that. So I need 2 good classes that pretty much consisits of reading and book work.

 My second baby shower is getting close. Its on November 21st and I am excited. This one is being given by the sisters at the Kingdom Hall and I have absolutely no idea about anything about it except the time and place. I cant believe our lives about to change again and so soon! I had asked the hubby if he was getting nervous or worried but he said hes excited. I am too, but I am also getting scared. I am starting to worry if I am going to be able to handle 2 newborns. Its going to be a journey, I can sure tell you that. Well, I am gonna run. Peyton wants to me to read him some stories, and I definately cant pass that up. I love him soooo much!!

Here They Are!!!

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Im just stopping in to share some of the 3D ultrasound pics from saturday. I just want to say that it was an amazing experience and well worth the cost. I would have even paid Our girls are going to be absolutely beautiful!!!

Excited about tomorrow!!

I am so excited!!! Tomorrow we are heading to Greenville to get our #d ultrasound and our 4D movie of the girls!!! I cant wait! i wish they had of had this when I was pregnant with Peyton bc I woul dhave loved to do it with him too, but the only reason they did them then was for medical purposes. But now, we can get one of the twins bc so many places do it just as gifts and all now. I think the main reason I want to get it done is so I can see them and just make sure they are both ok, you know, 10 fingers and 10 toes…well in my case 20 fingers and 20 toes =). I will definately upload some pics either tomorrow night or the day after, so all can see! My grandparents are going with us. My grandmother has early onset alzheimers, and has her good days and her bad, but is pretty lucid most of the time. It means the world to me to be able to share this amazing experience with her. She tells me all the time they didnt even have ultrasound when she was pregnant with my mom and aunt, so I can only imagine her amazement when she sees the babies in 3D. I just hope she can hold on to the memories of it for a little while. I do wish my mom was here, but at least she will be here when the babies are born. Maine is so far away, and when she gets here it will be a year since we have seen her. Well, I just wanted to jot a few things down, I will be back tomorrow!

I have some pics to share!

I have about an hour before I head off to my doctors appointment, so I thought I would hop on here and update. This weekend was a busy one. First, my baby shower was on Saturday, which turned out really great! My sister made a beautiful cake for me! I really enjoyed having her here. She is my best friend and I hate we dont get to see eachother that much. But our weekend turned out great. The baby shower was a lot of fun. We had several games, I think my fav was the “guess mommies tummy size”. We got a lot of laughs out of that one. Other games included the clothes pin game where you had to try really hard not to say ‘baby’ or someone could take your pin. We also had a guess how many m&ms in the baby bottles. We recieved some beautiful gifts, and many much needed diapers! I opened a pack of the newborns just to see how small the diaper was and I couldnt believe how tiny! We have recently potty trined our son…well, for about 3 months now…but compared to the diapers he was in for what seemed like forever (size 6), these littel newborns were so cute and little. I cant believe we are going to have another tiny little person here, much less two. Two tiny, precious little baby girls. Oh! I cant wait!!

The following day, my sister headed to Greenville with us because she was doing our maternity/family pictures. They turned out beautiful! I wish I could post every single one on here, but it would take forever. We had a lot of fun. We went to downtown Greenville to the Reedy River Park and falls to take the pictures. After finishing the pictures, we headed up to Main Street for some goodies at Fall for Greenville festival. They had about 40-50 restaraunt vendors from all over Greenville serving food and we tasted some of the best stuff. Peyton got to ride some kiddie rides too, and ofcourse his fav was the train. Overall,an awesome weekend, but I tell you I am feeling it now. Later Sunday evening I was getting sore, Monday and all day that day, I felt like I had ran a marathon up Mt. Everest, and today I am still sore, but not as bad as yesterday. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures, like I said, I wish I could put up more. Later friends!!

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